Stone Dance

Made at:
Medea Electronique Koumaria Residency 2011, Greece

Apart from my interest in Greece and its culture the Koumaria Residency attracted me because of the improvising way of working with a group of people with different professions, like electronic music, dance and photography.
The location in the Pelleponese was a perfect way of developing my idea
of connecting mankind with the landscape. The stones, an ancient element,
formed the main inspiration for my work. I used the technique of stop motion
photography to animate the stones. A dancer was chosen as main actress,
because she had the ability to stay in certain positions for a long time while
I was moving the stones.
For the interest of collaborating with the musicians present at the residency
and to find a way to connect the piece with other works at the final live show in
Athens I decided the soundtrack should be a live music piece.