Hm well it’s been a while since my last update.
I’ve been busy with the study for art teacher. And such. I guess.
I also worked on linocut prints on t-shirts. For order now here:
I’ll keep adding new ones every now and then. If you’re interested you can also contact me by e-mail.




Perhaps it’s time to show what i’ve been up to.

As the ‘owl skull flutes of doom’ on the previous news post show i’m doing some ceramics.
The good thing about (small) ceramics is you can do it anywhere without complicated or expensive tools. And you can actually make usable stuff like cups! Yes, the oven is a thingy… But i found a nice one.
hans de wolf ceramics

Sometimes I paint. Note the martial arts influences.

  And always some music in the making.

Been helping Mirka with her huge monumental project for the Biennale Gelderland 2019.
it’s obvious her education wasn’t as conceptual as mine. Taking all she got out of the closet (a saying in dutch : ) for this impressive masterpiece.
On till 24/11/2019
if anyone knows a new location for this thing afterwards…

Time for the weather report: Raining.




Together with Mirka and Krista we did a workshop for children at the Big Draw Nijmegen
2018. Always good to see the fantastic things little ones come up with.


For the Big Draw in Nijmegen as well: Some window drawings at Cafe de Plak:


hm what else… Experimenting with natural material (i hope to find a better word for this soon. everything is natural)
Twining nettle cordage and practicing some interesting knots:


Woudgeestjes / bark guys:


And… Clay flutes:

And here the wooden overtone flutes I made earlier:




The flyer for the  group exhibition in Arnhem the coming weeks, which also gives an impression of the text collages i’m making lately.



Some recent work.

cat with yarn wood carving

This one below was my scale model for a pitch. A sculpture for the ‘Tervurensche herder’, a breed of dog from Tervuren. It’s was quite an adventure. Trying to work together with another stupid artist, then in the end doing it alone, then having to deal with those… Belgians… I didn’t win the pitch. However, I did sell the scale model. This made enough money to travel to Tervuren and pick up the scale model and spend a weekend in Brussel with friends.
If anyone still likes to have a two meter bronze doggy/wolfy tree just give a shout.




Comes storm, comes wood.
Hmmm birch! One of my favourites.
Some more news perhaps:
~From 18-03 a small number of small sculptures at the Grachten Gallerie in Utrecht.
~Sculptures at Kunstschouw 2017 in the week 17-07 till 25-07. The far South-West of the country.
~Currently i’m working on a pitch for a public sculpture on a square… somewhere… Hope that story continues.
~And often new music of me to be found:






Hullo! There happened to be a couple of marriages this summer. Marriages go with gifts.
Here’s what I made for three weddings:
a pie figure
a marriage spoon
and a pair of wooden crown-rings, inspired by orthodox wedding crowns
The wonderful textile bags are made by the crafty lady Mikovcova.



imgpsh_fullsize copy







Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 8.45.23 AM



The Wolf shop of little things:
Wear the Woods!






The opening of my solo exhibition at gallery the True Limpet in Wageningen came with good atmosphere.
The concert of our project Donderdag was even played a second time when some people came later. Wood carvings, animations and live music presented at the same time.
The exhibition will be on till the end of oktober.
I’d like to send special thanks to Matthijs for introducing me to the gallery and cooking a fine risotto!









A humble exhibition in the vitrines of  retirement home Puntenburg in Amersfoort. Got bored of showing the same old sculptures on and on so made some silly new ones as well.
Coming up in september is an exhibition at a gallery in Wageningen. More info later.





As sound artist i was asked to make a background soundscape for a yoga center. Because of problems with the noises from the company next door they needed some soothing sounds to cover this up. The ideas where pretty cliché: water streams and singing birds. On the wall there was a painting of Tibetan children playing at the edge of a lake. innocent looking beings creating circles at the surface by throwing pebbles into the water. The people of the yoga center asked if i could make the sounds in a way it would fit the painting.
Well, i live in a flat country with hardly any moving streams. Where would i record that sound? Many things were tried: fountains, fake garden streams, a bucket where i moved the water by hand, a running tap. It all sounded as unnatural as it really was.
Do you know that most good ideas spring to mind while being at the toilet? That small, private, isolated place where the mind is finally at peace for the time being while releasing the daily pressures in material form.
This time the ideas were created quite literary at the toilet.
The result was pleasing. The yoga people very happy. Who cares what they are really listening to when they sit down for meditation and other far-east far-off practices. Even the sound of ‘pebbles’ falling into the ‘lake’ brought them to the wished higher states.



hurray cover design number twee!
for the band Brunnen, published on Enfant Terrible. a linoleum print




So. What’s happening these days:
Writing stories about my grandfather’s life at sea. He died before I was born, so it’s all fiction. At the same time my mother works on bringing together the historical facts.
Another thing that is becoming more and more alive is the Dutch music project Donderdag, which i do together with singer Miklós Hoffer. Working towards live performance. Usually we meet for rehearsal the afternoon before a darkwave dance night, making us arrive at the dance floor tipsy and inspired.
Two projects making me dive into Dutch culture.






happy and proud to announce: my first record cover design.
for the band Solitude Effects (sfx), released on Enfant Terrible records





Here it is then: the video of Mirko Nikolic at Zlatibor mountains for which
i did camera, sound and editing:



now that’s a very patient way of working wood:


The past two weeks I had the honour of helping my friend Mirko with a work of his
in Zlatibor mountains, Serbia. (I will post links soon…) Coming with that was of course the experience of being in that country so rich of history and culture.

A decoration on top of a traditional string instrument. Resisting the Ottomans is all they ever seemed to do. In word, music and action.
Fiery political debates are unavoidable in these regions. I was therefor happy to have
some Fins around as well to balance the situation with talks about animals and silent snowflakes.




I thought for a long time about something to say about the ‘art scene’ of today.
(the ‘conceptual artist’, not an artist who produces art, but the concept of an artist,
only there to act as such.)
But really, what use are rational words for those who are lost beyond recognition.
For now, let me quote Death in June’s lyrics of ‘Smashed to bits':


smashed to bits
in the peace of the night
he craved power
and, to keep in
he’d change his spots
or, shed his skin
(he craved power)
smashed to bits
in the peace of the night
the power in the hour
the art of the few
original and best
perpetuate nature
unending largesse
(she craves power)
in attempts to stultify me
your weakness – your ideology
smashed to bits
in the peace of the night
he craved power
and, to keep in
he’d change his spots
or, shed his skin

 like yapping dogs
blind lead the blind
those who chain the future
are those time leaves behind
is glory now gone?
a friendship – worth of fiends
is a rose without thorns.




new piece of ghost opera:



News coming soon. Like: I didn’t get awarded for blablabla.
While waiting, remember how to be king by being gray and boring:



Out soon: my theological research on post-apocalyptic Central-Europe in which the question of surviving in misty grey swampland is further investigated:

Resurrected from the Dead without being fully Alive –
Was Jesus Christ a Vampire?


1. When the rooster ceases its call
2. Plato’s Cave in contemporary Neitherlands: Seeing through the mist
3. If Satan represents fear, then why do we fear God even more?
4. the Earth is round – When you have been through it all you will come back where you started
5. the Unfulfillment of the Holy Virgin and her Escapist Daughters
6. Rising above while keeping your feet on the ground
7. How to light a fire in a wet climate




The falcons were singing and I had the best birch bark harvest ever!



new music uploaded : Wintertijd, Sikkel-Maan, het Duistere Waken
dutch poetry based


on the 14th of december i’ll be taking stand at the zelfgemaakte markt christmass market
in utrecht, selling sellable works such as wood carved brooches, spoons and more. So feel welcome to show up with your pockets stuffed with cash.


For sale: wooden wood stoves


here my new video online


a still from the video i’m working on. a way to experiment with a good camera,
finding a way to do something with the masks i’m making and making a music
video for my own music

So here it is, my music and cover art tape release on Enfant Terrible:
http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/gallery.html web gallery (scroll down)
http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/mailorder%20ET.htm mail order


Welk beroemd Duits boek wordt hier uitgebeeld? Raad en win!
(sorry, the word joke only works in dutch…)



Wood carved pins/broches
(also available as pendant necklace)
20 to 30 euro. contact me for more info





Dear fans,

Of course you are all daily checking this website for news and wondering why it is so quiet for so long.
First of all I can tell that I am pretty busy trying to make some money for living. The past months this happened mostly at the Tungsten film studio, ranging from carrying camera stuff to acting a boogie woogie dancing Mondriaan.
In the dark silent winter hours I spend time at my atelier. Drawing, carving, writing…
Something will see the daylight soon or later.
I can say I’m happy the manipulation of the conceptual art school is fading away and I feel more true in what I am doing.

Coming out hopefully pretty soon is a cassette tape with my music and cover design at the record label Enfant Terrible.
You may wonder: “why the hell a cassette tape?” Well good. Keep on wondering.
I also hope to organize a release party in the atmosphere of the ‘old days’ when me and my friends spend the time we wouldn’t be locked up at school at an empty old house in the woods. Those ghostly days accompanied by the cassette player which could hardly play in the freezing cold while we inhaled the smoke of fire from wet tree branches.



It was a good time last weekend at the ‘Vormgevers in Hout’ event at Fort bij Vechten.
I had my own round-ceilinged room in the fort where I installed my sculptures. Good to see the reactions of people, admire the wood craft of other craftsmen and artists and spending time in the autumn colours while catching the smell of smoke from the chimneys of my lower neighbours.



Here a new work of me. I’m happy to use some different material and technique,
ink on birch bark.
(this drawing is now sold : )





Hello there!

Today I (meaning Pyhai) updated my webpage!
You will find new information and pictures at the sculpture page, new animations
and the texts both in English and Dutch.

This summer I can also say I had three exhibitions at the same time, namely:
– The sculptures of the Ecoismi project at Cassano d’Adda, Italy
– Wood carvings at the botanical garden Domies Toen in Pieterburen
– A group of wood carvings at the Talent voor Kunst 2012 exhibition in galerie Breda

At october 20 and 21 I’ll be at the wood carvers market/exhibition vormgevers in hout
at Fort Vechten, near Utrecht

And here a poetic work found at a hidden alley in amsterdam. It doesn’t happen that much that public art succeeds to impress me, so here you go: